Rate Card

Pilates Fees:

Private Solo Pilates Session: $60 /one hour session

Private Solo Package of 6 one hour sessions (to be used within a 3 month period paid for and scheduled in advance): $250

Private Duet Pilates Session: $80/120 minutes

=========== 10% Discount for seniors, students and active or retired military =========

**All Pilates Sessions are to be made in advance and with the exception to the Private Solo Package of 6 one hour Pilates sessions, the session needs to be paid at the time of the appointment. There is a 48 hour prior cancellation notice of any Pilates session or there will be a charge for the session anyway if the client is a no-show. Just a quick phone call to reschedule 48 hours ahead of you session is all I need.

Group Dance or Pilates Mat Class Fees:

At any suitable dance or Pilates facility, the group dance or Pilates class fees are:

$15/person for each one hour class if the client is a walk-in, paid at the time of the class.

$40/person per month for 4 one hour classes per month, one class per week, paid at the beginning of each month, by the 10th of each month.

Private Dance and Choreography Classes:

For solos, duets, trios or quartets dance or choreography dance classes, the rate is $30/hour at a suitable dance facility.

If the dance or choreography class is for a larger group, the rate is $10/client per hour of class.

The choreography rate to choreograph any dance piece of work is $30/minute of choreography.

To teach and rehearse each choreographed dance piece of work is $30/hour for either a solo, duet trio or quartet and for a larger group it is $10/client per hour of rehearsal and practice.