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Jenna was the spotlight of a great article over at Explorer News…take a look!

New Videos Released

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Take a look inside of Jenna’s pilates with these new videos. Get to know Jenna and all the services we offer.


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The results are in!

Take a look at what some of our customers are saying:

“Jenna’s Pilates program really works!!  I have always been lazy when it comes to exercising because I don’t like jumping around and getting sweaty.  Since attending Jenna’s Pilates program each week, I have actually enjoyed my workouts.  Jenna mixes the exercises up so it doesn’t hurt or burn while getting a great workout from each movement. She incorporates motivation and fun into each session.  In the past six months, with weekly workouts, I have noticed a definite improvement in my posture, my muscles, my energy level, and you can see an actual definition. Now, I love exercising! Thank you Jenna!”

– Deborah

“Jenna’s Pilates brings great balance to the Body, Mind and Spirit.  I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”


“I have worked with Jenna’s Pilates and Dance Co. for over a year now.  Jenna takes the time to see how you use your body and where you need to focus your attention.  She keeps each session fresh and new.  Jenna is motivational and a dedicated professional.”


“I love to take Jenna’s Pilates class! Jenna is very encouraging and knowledgeable. If I could, I would take her class everyday!”


“Having never been on Pilates equipment before, I was very surprised at how enjoyable it was working on the equipment at Jenna’s Pilates and Dance Co.  I was amazed at the better fitness results I received.  Being middle aged, Jenna is excellent at developing a Pilates exercise program catered to my fitness level.”


“Jenna’s Pilates is first class instruction with fantastic results!  I highly recommend her! Thank you Jenna for doing such a great job!”


“Jenna of Jenna’s Pilates and Dance Co is such a pleasant Pilates instructor and yet challenges me to strengthen my abdominal core muscles for better balance, posture and overall toning.  I absolutely love working on the Pilates equipment in Jenna’s relaxing studio.  It almost feels like having a massage at a spa location while working out my muscles at the same time!”


“I highly recommend Jenna’s Pilates and Dance Co.!  Jenna is a patient and knowledgeable instructor.”


“Jenna’s professionalism, experience, and overall great personality is what I love so much about taking private lessons with her.  Jenna’s relaxed environment and teaching style is what differentiates her from other Pilates’ instructors and companies.  I highly recommend working with Jenna!”

-Rachel Goes Live!

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Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new web site [ ]. A combination of vision and scope, Jenna and her staff have directed an external company: Legion IX Media and Design [ ]  to develop and deploy a new site for our first presence on the web.

I am excited about the new site. I love the design. It will let me get the word out about my new company and help me keep in touch with my clients and potential clients!

When asked about her new site Jenna stated, “I am excited about the new site. I love the design. It will let me get the word out about my new company and help me keep in touch with my clients and potential clients!” Our thanks go out to lead developer Chris Rounds and his crew at Legion 9 for all their help and hard work.