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What is the Joseph Pilates Style?

The fastest-growing exercise regimen in the United States, Pilates is named after the late Joseph Pilates, a fitness visionary who immigrated from Germany in 1926. That year Joseph opened a studio in New York City, where he developed the exercise discipline that bears his name. In addition to innovative mat work, Pilates even invented exercise apparatuses for it. After Joe’s death in 1967, several of his students continued his work. They have spawned a new generation of teachers who have popularized the discipline within the general public through training programs, books, videos, DVD’s and new equipment. Today Pilates provides safe, healthy benefits to a broad range of people — celebrities, professional and amateur athletes, accident survivors, back-pain sufferers, people with a host of physical disabilities, children, pregnant women, the elderly and other fitness-minded men and women.

Our lead instructor at Jenna’s Pilates and Dance Co., Jenna, is a 4th generation certified instructor trained directly by Master teacher, John White, who learned the style directly from Romana Kryzanowska, apprentice to Joseph Pilates himself.

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