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Jenna received her Pilates Master Certification from John White Movement,, in Tuscon, AZ. John White is a Certified Master Pilates teacher for over 20 years and has his own studio in Tuscon, AZ. He also teaches Pilates at Canyon Ranch Health Resort where he has many famous celebrities as his clients. John danced with Martha Graham in New York City and received his training under Romana Kryzanowska ( who is an original apprentice of Joseph Pilates and is currently running Joseph Pilates’ Studio, “True Pilates New York” in New York City. John also trained with Ron Fletcher, also an original apprentice of Joseph Pilates, at Fletcher Pilates ( in California.

John White is a third generation Joseph Pilates Master Teacher and his training of Jenna at Jenna’s Pilates and Dance Co. makes her a 4th generation Joseph Pilates Certified Master Teacher. The lineage of the “True Pilates” contrology of Joseph Pilates is continuing. Through this valuable training network. Jenna is excited to be able to pass on her Pilates master teaching to her clients now at her own private studio setting.

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